The Daly Mansion Runs on
Donations and Volunteers

With over 40 acres of romantic, historic and beautiful locations for your ceremony and reception to celebrate your special occasion.

This home is your home

Although the state of Montana owns the Daly Mansion and the University of Montana was charged with administrative oversight, neither provides day-to-day operational funding. 

Therefore, since 1986, the Daly Mansion Preservation Trust stepped up to raise the necessary funds to keep the Daly Mansion open for all to enjoy, preserving this special historic Montana gem for our present and future generations.

This home is your home…to share  your local roots with visitors, to celebrate wedding joys, family reunions, Sunday picnics, landmark birthdays, and any other special event near and dear to you.
We can’t keep the doors open without your help. ALL monetary donations are much appreciated. Memberships and larger charitable gifts are especially welcome to help pay the bills and to pay it forward for developing new programs for all ages. 

Membership Categories

Below are the membership categories that you can select to help support the Mansion.
What kind of legacy to you want to leave?
Daly Club

You can make a donation in any amount by clicking on the Donate button below:
(NOTE: You do not need to have a Paypal account to make a donation.)

Thank-you for your support of the historic Daly Mansion

Daly Mansion Volunteers

Without our wonderful volunteers, the Daly Mansion could not function.  Volunteers are key in helping us raise funds to both preserve the Mansion and also to make it available to the public.

Being a volunteer

Volunteers learn the rich history of the Daly family, their home and their influence in the State of Montana while having fun in a beautiful, relaxed atmosphere. As a matter of fact, fun is mandatory.
Volunteers support every aspect of the operations of the Daly Mansion from history education to planting flowers on the grounds. Volunteers are the life blood of the Mansion!
Here are some of the Volunteer opportunities at the Mansion:
  • Tour guide – conducting guided tours during the summer and early fall. In depth training is provided.
  • Gift shop staff – ticket and gift shop sales.
  • History research.
  • Working at Mansion events throughout the year.
  • Grounds & house maintenance help.
  • Other skills, such as marketing, fundraising, social media.

Volunteer tour guide training

Trainees will learn how to guide visitors through the beautiful home and share the history of the mansion, the Daly Estate, and the Daly family. 
Guiding tours not your thing?  Like to garden, help out at events, do research, harvest sap for maple syrup, help out in the kitchen, or work in the gift shop? There’s a place for you to volunteer at the Daly Mansion!

Questions? Ready to volunteer?

To find out more about volunteer opportunities at the Daly Mansion,
contact Darlene Gould at or 406-363-6004